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The Workers of Silicon Valley

To understand the electronics industry is simple: every time someone says “robot,” simply picture a woman of color.

The Other New Deal

The Interval, Long Now Society

Think the New Deal was about government spending?


Think again.

Hyman explains how New Deal financing reinvented capitalism, and why we should do it again.

(but the audio is...weird)

The History of Climate Catastrophe and The Future of Work
CASBS, Stanford University

The moral crisis of our time is reconciling climate change with economic growth that includes everyone.

Natasha Iskander and I talk about how to think about the future by revisiting the past: the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

Gigged and Temped

The imagined future legitimates a very unequal present.

A public talk at Rutgers.

The American Way of Debt

Cooper Union

How did culture and economy intertwine over the 20th century to put us all in so much debt?

Is My Employer An Algorithm? The Portfolio of Work in the Gig Economy

Algorithms are widely used to manage shift workers. How can these algorithms be tweaked for the benefit of both worker and employer?

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